The House

It's been a long time since we first entered this house, which had been closed for twenty years. Since then our goal has been to patiently make it look like it had always had someone living in it, while having fun in the process. We created a place where our family could relax and enjoy themselves along with our friends and our daughters' friends. Unfortunately, we don't have time to enjoy it properly anymore but we wanted to preserve its beauty and spirit, so we decided to open it up to the public and make it a place for hospitality.

Villa dei Noccioli is located in the centre of Suzzara, a small town in the province of Mantua, near Piazza Garibaldi and the church of the Immacolata Concezione. Suzzara lies near the Po river, some twenty kilometers from Mantua and a short distance from Sabbioneta and Guastalla; all these towns are connected to the history of the Gonzaga family, the dynasty that ruled this area during the Renaissance and that originated in the village of the same name, just seven kilometers from Suzzara.

The town was well-known in the ‘50s, mainly for the “Premio Suzzara” prize, created by Dino Villani and Cesare Zavattini. The award was given to painters and local agricultural products were used as prizes. Famous names were involved, such as Guttuso, Carrà, Cascella, Baj and Sassu, whose works can still be found in the Premio Suzzara gallery. Today a biennial exhibition of figurative arts is held under the original name “Premio Suzzara”.


The villa is a historic mansion built in the second half of the 18th century and renewed at the beginning of the last century. It is surrounded by a large garden with age-old trees including limes, yews, holly, oak, maple and others. It was built by the Boni family, a well-known member of which was Luigi Boni, founder of the Boni nursing home and mayor of Suzzara for many years.

The building was home to Giovanni Boni and his wife, contessa Eleonora Alberigi Quaranta. The Boni family owned a strategically important plot of land between the road to the railway station and the main square. According to documents found in the national archives in Mantua, it was built in the last years of the 18th century.

The complex was composed of a main quadrangular building, the house, and two smaller buildings at the back that were used for various purposes. The whole complex was surrounded by a large park. All the buildings were enlarged at the beginning of the 20th century, since when they have not been altered, preserving their original Art Nouveau interior detail.

The apartments and rooms

There are several locations:

The Villa is the main house, it has two floors and is fully furnished with the original historical paintings and furniture.

"Villa dei Noccioli", created from a former barn, has been recently restored and now comprises a large kitchen, a hall, two double rooms with private bathroom. It is well-suited for holidays or business trips, meetings and conventions.

"Casa del Glicine" is the former barn located on the northern side of the house, and it has been transformed into an apartment with private entrance on Via Piave. It has its own kitchen, a lounge, one double room, one single room and one bathroom.